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Kelantan, Malaysia, 11 Juni 2010
Kelantan Dinar And Dirham Have Arrived
Abdalghany A - Muamalah Council
Kelantan Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham officially launched

For most of Malaysians the morning on Tuesday, 8th June 2010, was just another morning in their existence - monotonous run on the capitalist treadmill - nothing extraordinary indeed: the same tropical weather (+32C) outside, same sickening news in the media, same interest rates, same order of the day.

Kelantan Dinar
Kelantan Gold Dinar Denomination

But for the people of Kelantan this morning was very special: on the 8th June 2010 at 11am the box with the set of the first gold dinars and silver dirhams of the State of Kelantan arrived to Kuala Lumpur from the World Islamic Mint, Dubai. Sending the sample coins is the standard procedure in minting industry, the main lot will follow just in a matter of days.

Although Kelantan government first minted gold dinars in 2006, the new coins have a new reality because:

  • This is the first time when not just gold dinar but also silver dirham has been minted;
  • This is the very first time the Kelantan dinars and dirhams are minted in accordance with the international standard which is set by World Islamic Trade Organization (WITO) and monitored by World Islamic Mint (WIM); 99% of all dinars & dirhams minted worldwide in the last 20 years is the work of WIM, hence the new Kelantan coins - the reverse side of the coins bear the logo of WIM while on the obverse is coat of arms and name of Kelantan Government - have international status and acceptance among millions of muslim and non-muslim users around the world;
  • This is also the first time when the coins are minted in all denominations: Dinar - 1/2, 1, 2, 5, 8; Dirham - 1, 2, 5, 10, 20;
  • Unlike before this time the new coins will be distributed to public throughout the state of Kelantan under homogenized pricing scheme and proportionate value between denominations;
  • And most significantly, this is the first time when all state companies in Kelantan will accept the Islamic coins as well as 600 shops (in the first phase) displaying the sticker "We Choose Dinar&Dirham" thus instantly giving a broad avenue for the public to utilize their coins.
  • And this is just the beginning, the second phase will see introduction of features like safe-keeping facilities (wadiah) and electronic payment system to further enhance the level of customers' convenience.

What these coins mean to Kelantanese people? They mean a lot, they mean freedom, the people now can say: "Let us choose whether we want Malaysian Ringgit, American Dollar or Kelantan Gold Dinar. You can tell us that your money is better than the other but let us decide whether we want it or not".

Kelantan Dirham
Kelantan Silver Dirham Denomination

During the ceremony of opening the box with the very first minted coins - they will be auctioned to Numismatists - Prof. Umar Vadillo, CEO of Kelantan Golden Trade, state company in charge of implementing the Shariah currency in the state of Kelantan, said: "This is the first time in the last 100 years when an Islamic government minted dinars and dirhams in such a large denomination range. And these coins are also unique because they are minted in accordance with the new standard of WIM, it has improved design and security features. The arrival of these coins mark the end of 100-year old Darurah of tolerating the injustice of paper money, from now on Darurah is over, at least for people in Kelantan".

"These coins are of the highest quality among all dinars and dirhams I have seen so far. Now we are confident to offer to public the circulation coins of top standard and hope they'll realize that this is the real money. In fact the demand for these coins even before they arrived was so high that I see no problem in marketing them; what I am looking at is the next step - creation of merchants network that will accept dinar&dirham from public as payment for goods and services", - said Mohamad Faisal Mohamad Nor, the Founder and Director of Nubex Sdn Bhd. Nubex company will be the sole distributor of the new Kelantan dinars and dirhams in Kuala Lumpur, they would also provide safe-keeping service at the cheapest rate.

"The liberation of Muslims in Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Pattani, Mindanao, Sulu is starting now, from Kelantan! No more blaming others, we have to turn to Allah and His Deen!" - said Captain Hajj Awaludin Mohal, honorary advisor of Muamalah Council Malaysia.

Among many people being happy and excited this morning one woman was very quiet, she had feelings that no one could possibly have: for her this historic morning of June, 8 was the confirmation of the formula "La Hawla wa la Quwwata illa Billah" with which she started this whole journey back in 2005 when she single-handedly proposed the introduction of Gold Dinar to the government of Kelantan. It was often a lonely journey - a little woman trod a path which nobody walked through before. But she kept on going and going as she believed the journey itself is worthwhile regardless its outcome. It is because of the Taqwa of this one woman that the Sunna Money has now arrived to Kelantan. Madam NIK MAHANI MOHAMAD, you will be remembered by generation after generation as the one who lit up the first candle in the complete darkness of Malaysia.

Akademi Muamalah Sdn Bhd and Muamalah Council of Malaysia in the person of the chairman Hajj Umar Azmon Amir Hassan congratulates Hajjiah Nik Mahani and through her the government and people of Kelantan with this achievement in the process of eradicating Riba. May Allah bless you and grant you total success in this world and the next. Amin.

The Government of Kelantan will have a soft launch on Friday, 11th June and will hold the proper launching ceremony of the new coins next month, July - the event will be open for public and attended by many guests from all over Malaysia and overseas. Muamalah Council Malaysia will inform you about the date and program of the event soonest possible.

Get ready to travel to Kota Bharu in July and witness the History which your grandchildren will ask you about.

Source : http://muamalahcouncil.com/component/content/article/100-the-kelantan-dinars-and-dirhams-have-arrived.html

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